Monday, 18 February 2008

Web2.8.2.18 - just a short ranting ramble [ grammar not included ]

One thing I have noticed more and more recently is that there is a genuine divide amongst online designers. On the one hand, there are the ones that use the web to communicate their clients ideas and build intuitive UI's based upon grounded design principles. Then on the other, there are those that live and breathe the web and all things connected, and happen to have clients as a by product. The latter being the ones that are so busy hanging out on the "Cutting Edge" that they forget to publish their wonder web in basic HTML format!

A lot of people, it seems, are so preoccupied with being ahead of the game, that they have forgotten one simple fact: Most people will not bother using a web site/application if they have to jump through hoops to get the damn thing working. On top of that, if the so called designer is "pushing boundaries" with the layout and typography too, then once it is working, one has no hope of using the web page without lots of trial and error!

To give an example:Well I was but then a certain browser crashes and rest of blog is lost... no time to re-write... oh well hmmmm...

To Summarize my humble rambling rant then: Imagine yourself getting in your car one morning to find that the steering wheel is in the boot, the foot pedals are on the front bumper and turning the ignition key beeps the horn!

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martin king said...

I agree,

this is particularly frustrating from a smartphone.

This is one reason why Google is so popular - ithas great function and design - the design is minimal and slick - doesn't get in the way.

same appied to other Google products - Google docs are easy to use.

Not so keen on blogger though