Saturday, 4 October 2008

Well hello again, sorry about the delay, not that anyone reads this I expect?!

I thought it was about time I posted a blog, after all, it's here so I better use it right? Well I'm still not sure about that, especially now I have twitter et al. Besides, do I really have enough free time to spend it twittering, google chat and blogging and emailing and talking on the phone and working?(don't be silly) and having a social life? Actually living life? Rather than writing about it?...... of course I do!

So, I guess I'll start twittering on about this new stuff I am slowly slowly adding to my daily dose of communication. Maybe I should feed my twitter into my blog... or feed my email from my twitter and then send my chat & email to my blog?... or publish my twitter to my blog and send that to my email?... or just forget the blog?... or forget the email?... hmmm.... but I do feel the need to "let it all out" sometimes in a much longer format, not that I have much to let out it seems so far!
Maybe, if I could plug my brain into the net and then blog directly from my thoughts, as I went through the day, it might be a thousand pages long already this week!... Oh but how to vet them, I don't after all want any old thoughts on my blog, god forbid some of the rubbish that might get churned out on to you all. Even during a IM conversation the other day, I thought, if I could think this chat while I was working on the subject we were talking about, I could be coding the VLE at the same time, saving all the alt/apple tabbing between windows, and also be sending an email about the meeting we arranged... all without managing 100 windows!

Anyway, been thinking/talking about all sorts recently.

On the downside:
  • Totally missed the FOTE conference, due to being out of da loop, I do wonder about the Team spirit in our current work environment.
  • Lots of negative feedback all over the place, seems that our current systems not Fashionable at the moment. If it's not in the cloud it's rubbish apparently!
On the Upside:
  • Now setting up all sorts of external channels for Tech/Development information, due to the above in da loop situation.
  • Lots of people wandering around 'empowered' and excited about web applications, that's a great thing for the web savvy and API writers out there.
  • Sharing resources and using common tools should really help us stay one step ahead in the future.
Getting interested in php again, such an easy language to use, can see why moodle/facebook etc used it. Once combined with clientside APIs it's fantastic.

Sharepoint or as I am thinking more and more Whatsthepoint.

Weird how we are all walking talking cyborgs these days, just the implanted technology and body armour to come!

If education is full of I-don't-want-to-work-hard employees how do we get them to take time to learn to use all the many 'Cloud' applications out there?

So to sum up then, hmmm.. not really sure whether I have a overall point here... need to try and blog in one hit, rather than adding to it over a long period of time...
P.S. Todays development went out the window, in place of cloud account management... single log on, yes please hurry up with that!

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martin king said...

I am quite interested in the technologies that you find productive as a web designer - I didn't realise you would be interested in PHP.

Myspace overhauled their systems with .NET in the spring.

It's an anything goes world